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Kampot Traditional  Music School

For the Orphaned and Disabled (KCDI)

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For the past couple of years the Yorke Promenaders have supported the Kampot Traditional Music School for Orphaned and Disabled Children (KCDI). Prior to this Scotty supported his blind mate, Colin Martin, who was at that time looking after 8 kids at the Kampot Blind Children's Shelter. Colin maintained the KBCS for about 4 years with donations from former workmates until it became no longer feasible due to  new government regulations. Catherine Geach, the Founder of the KCDI, whom Colin has the utmost trust in, offered to take the kids under her care. Of note, Catherine's dedication to these children is a story in itself. A link to KDCI can be found in our Links Tab.

On the 12th April 2018 Scotty visited the School and presented Sambo a donation on behalf of himself and the Yorke Promenaders. 


Catherine Geach, accomplished violinist and musical innovator during musical presentations.

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Presentation of yorke Promenader's charitable donations handed to Sambo, Co Director of the Institute in 2017!

These donations enabled the institute to contract braille teachers to assist the blind children in their care.

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Scotty and Colin's visit to the children with New Years gift bags! 2017

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Scotty and Colin's visit to the children with a very special cake with a very special outcome! 2016

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Group Photo of the children with Scotty and Colin during! 2016

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Video of the children enjoying song during the celebration, some faces ended up covered in the cake icing!      2016

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