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The Yorke Promenaders were formed on September 1st 2015 when we started a learner’s class in the Church of Christ Hall at Kadina, in the Copper Coast of Northern Yorke Peninsular, South Australia. The group was formed by Scotty Scott, who had recently retired from his job that entailed 90% of his time travelling overseas for the

past 15 years. Scotty had started clubs in the countries that he had been permanently based in, however, when he was placed, by the company, into a global operations position that required extensive travel and long periods away from home, negating the ability to continue club calling.

The class started originally with two squares but after a couple of weeks we had several drop outs which has left us with a core of about a set and a half if all are in attendance. We manage to get a set up every week, sometimes with having Scotty calling and dancing at the same time. We may not be too classy but at the end of the night we all go home relaxed and happy after a fun night of dancing and socializing.

We are planning to start a new learners class next September to try and build up our numbers and endeavour to bring some new blood (new does not always mean young…but that would be even better) into the fun and pleasure of Square Dancing.

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